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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lecture on 3/23/10 (BEST LECTURE EVER)

Today we had a very interesting speaker named Lynda Barry. She was very energetic, enthusiastic and fun to listen to. She began by talking about how she is a nervous speaker and about how she is going to overcome her nervousness by singing a song. The song that she sang was an original that was very short and funny. It described her family's background and where she comes from. She is from wisconsin and went to college in Washington State at Evergreen.
I have a good friend that goes to that school and was at the lecture that day and thought that, even though he doesn't know who Lynda barry is, he felt that he knew here well and she represents the school perfectly. She tells us that she gets a lot of inspiration from children, who are the most imaginative of the ages any way, so what a great idea, right? right! it is the best possible way to look at Images because when you know fewer words it is the imagery that is important. Think of all of the best books you read when you were little. Dr. Seuss books, where the Wild Things Go, all of the great imagery that we can remember with grate detail even if we have not seen them in 10 or 20 or 30 years, we still have the images imbedded in our memory. It is memory and Images that for me, go hand in hand.
Kids can give us great and simple idea, because lets face it a great idea is a simple idea that just happens to work so very well. What is it about kids that makes their ideas simple? It is simple in itself. They just do not know the same and as many things as adults do. They do not understand all of the negative things that make us forget to imagine, like paying the bills and going grocery shopping and being busy. kids have the ability to imagine with a pure and uninterrupted mind.
Lynda talks about imaginary friends and that she never had one. So she decided that she was going to pretend she had one. She is the kind of person who would have and "imaginary imaginary" friend and say, " its okay". Thats some funny shit, and is one of the reasons I am drawn to people like her. She curses and seems so natural when talking to such a young and vivacious crowd. I was surprised she was so interesting, at first i just thought she was weird but began to appreciate her when her true colors began to emerge.
she came talk to us about images and the picture really sank in. She instilled the playful imaginary aspect involved in child like thought and imagination. It is a great thing to be able to be young at all times and Lynda seems to be very young at heart. take a page from her book and staple it to your shirt, or your head if you think it can be done. She is an energetic menace to society that should e followed and taken note of. She can probably make anyone laugh and anyone smile. Thats one of the key things that will make someone successful in life. Do not forget to pretend or act young at all times and always enjoy yourself!

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